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buy Skyfell Liberation (Erahsil, book 3)
The thrilling conclusion to the Erahsil trilogy!
Loegaire has won, forcing Phaedra to escape while leaving Craig behind. Now, Phaedra must retake Erahsil, without an army, without a plan, and without any hope. But, since her first hesitant steps as queen, she has found inner strength she never knew before. Buoyed by conviction, she throws herself into the conflict, gaining unexpected allies and confronting the horror that is Loegaire.
Whoever wins this final conflict, one thing is certain: Erahsil will be changed forever.

buy Ascendent (Erahsil, book 2)

Sequel to The Faerie Legacy, Phaedra, now crowned Queen of Faeries, is beating back Loegaire's attempted takeover. With Craig at her side, she is winning every battle. Increasingly desperate, Loegaire throws dragons and fiendish nightmare creatures at the insolent human girl.

But, nobody expected the sky to fall.

Now, Phaedra must heal her beloved Erahsil as well as our own Earth. Two worlds tearing themselves apart.

Her fault. Her responsibility. Her destiny.


Phaedra Mallory's life was simple; a neurotic cat, good parents, and great friends. Then Tommy asks her to the prom and her entire world shifts. Literally. Without her permission, she's yanked to another world and branded the new Faerie Queen—just like her mother; except her mom wasn't any sort of queen, not now or ever.

Despite her protests, Phaedra undergoes testing to prove she really is the new queen. Most faeries are overjoyed with the discovery, but passing the tests could start a war. Loegaire, a faerie council member, hates humans ruling his world and swears to end her reign before it begins.

With the help of new friends, Phaedra plows ahead and hopes for the best. Gradually, she warms to the idea of being queen. But questions of going home, how her grandmother wasn't crazy, why her mother never said anything about it, and especially the prom, never leave her mind.

Her successes mounting, Loegaire moves against Phaedra with greater fury, desperate to rid his precious world of humans forever.


We all start somewhere, but for Karl, Mindy, Clyde and Ashley, it begins with everyone disappearing. Even the chickens. Well, not exactly. At the center of their village, they find a wizard cackling about destroying the King before vanishing in a swirl of light.

Rushing to the next village, the siblings find it emptied as well—only a philosophical sheep remains, and he is more interested in pebbles than anything else. Desperate to find their family, the group rushes to tell the King what happened and ask for help.

But, the kingdom teeters on the edge of war and barren villages are just a dramatic test. Happy to help, but unable to divert his own forces, the King sends the children on a quest into the wizard's lair in a desperate plan to save the kingdom. Dreading imminent attack, the kingdom prepares for all out war.